Kastoria International Fur fair 2016 reveals new Fur Collection 2016-2017 with new prices in mink, swakara, sable and beautiful chinchilla fur coats by DIVINE LUXURY FURS

Kastoria International Fur Fair 2016 opens its doors May 5th to 8th revealing new fur collection 2016-2017 with new designs and prices for mink coats, sable fur, swakara fur coats and beautiful chinchilla fur jackets all made in Kastoria by DIVINE Luxury Furs. There's a totally new approach to mink colors this year, with new exciting styles in mink coats. Our entire fur collection is available on show at our booth where we invite everyone to see and try this year's exciting fur collection always in great prices.Sable fur coats have increased presence in this year's 2016-2017 DIVINE collection as new models have been giving a new style to sable furs. Swakara fur also used to make beautiful swakara coats in new colors and designs.Finally Chinchilla fur completes this fur collection with all new models made of beautiful high quality chinchilla fur skins. Chinchilla coats and jackets are always a special part of every year's collection and 2016-2017 is no different with many new chinchilla models.For invitations and any other information on the Kastoria International Fur Fair booth, the Kastoria Exhibition Center as well as more information on our fur collection and sizes available please contact our Kastoria Fur showroom.