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Divine Furs / News  / Kalithea fur store DIVINE opens in Halkidiki for summer 2015
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Kalithea fur store DIVINE opens in Halkidiki for summer 2015

Kalithea fur store DIVINE in Halkidiki, Greece, is open and will offer the entire fur collection for six months, May through October of 2015. Like every year, Halkidiki visitors will be able to purchase furs of all types in the Kalithea fur storeduring the entire summer of 2015.

DIVINE Luxury Furs is a fur manufacturer based in Kastoria. The fur factory works with mink fur skins, chinchilla, sable, swakara and lynx fur creating a new fur collection every year. The 2015-2016 fur collection contains mink coats in new designs as well as Blackglama designs offered for the first time in Kallithea. Also chinchilla fur coats in new colors, exclusive sable furs of great quality, as well as beautiful swakara and astonishing lynx fur garments are available in the fur store.

The fur showroom in Kallithea offers all information on furs. Call the fur store or contact the fur factory in Kastoria for information or directions to the store..Transportation may be arranged, please see the distance from other locations in Halkidiki.

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