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Fur Showroom Kallithea, Halkidiki

Divine Furs / Showroom / Fur Showroom Kallithea, Halkidiki

DIVINE Luxury Furs is opening another fur store in Kallithea, the newest in Halkidiki (Chalkidiki). The newest fur showroom will hold DIVINE Luxury Furs newest 2013 Fur collection with a variety of furs:

Mink furs: DIVINE’s latest mink coat designs in all colors and lengths

Sable furs: DIVINE offers another line of beautiful sable coats in new designs and styles

Chinchilla furs: DIVINE’s 2013 Chinchilla Collection, simply the world’s best chinchilla fur coats

Swakara furs: DIVINE’s Swakara collection of fur coats is of exceptional quality and design

Lynx furs: Visit DIVINE’s showroom and try our latest Collection of full Lynx coats

Furs in Kalithea
A selection of fur stores populates the village center, with DIVINE fur stores certainly standing out. Visitors in Kalithea may easily find it on the lane going to Halkidiki. It’s beautiful storefront and the DIVINE Luxury Furs logo are is easy to locate.

Furs made in Kastoria
DIVINE manufactures fur coats and fur jackets in its own fur factory in Kastoria following very strict quality regulations. Visitors may ask to be presented with the original DIVINE fur garments labels, available only in the lining of DIVINE furs garments.

Visiting Kallithea
Kalithea, situated in the Kassandra peninsula and a recent fur store hub, is the most visited town in Halkidiki. Just 75km from Thessaloniki’s Makedonia International Airport, Kalithea has over 20km of golden beach front and the most quality Hotels than any other area in Halkidiki.

Eating in Kallithea
Kallithea has a very wide variety of local and international dining options. Fast food, Italian and Greek cuisine are the most available options. By the beach one should definitely try traditional dishes at any of the fresh seafood restaurants.

Kallithea night life
Kallithea has a night life that probably compares only to Mykonos. With hundreds of bars, not to mention Clubs and Bouzoukia, night life may easily keep you up until 6am in the morning.

Visit DIVINE Luxury fur store in Kallithea, Halkidiki
The largest and most exclusive fur store in all of Halkidiki, opens its doors in Kalithea. Visit DIVINE Luxury Furs, the most exclusive fur showroom in Halkidiki, and choose the fur coat of your dreams. The entire DIVINE Furs 2013 Collection will be available for visitors beginning May of 2013 and will be open until October of 2013 for the entire holiday season. Find Kastoria fur coats in great prices.

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